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Highly sense of asymmetric short hairstyles

Chinese people pay attention to symmetry, but the fashion circle is more asymmetrical beauty, these highly sense of the asymmetric wave head is this year, one of the hot short hairstyles, they have in the end what kind of charm, read you know.


March 7 Partial deviation short hairstyles in the shape of the pursuit of asymmetry is the United States, regardless of hair volume or shape there are obvious deviations, but also because of this deviation, so that the effect of hair Yan Yan become stronger, Facing the MM eye point of the hair line is the famous “goddess line”, in its modification, our face ratio will appear to be unprecedented coordination, and thus become three-dimensional slender.


In addition to the short hairstyles-wave head, the uneven wave of all the wave can be called asymmetric wave head, and this wave head is not only the proportion of hair asymmetry, and even pick the black + grandmother gray hair color is not symmetrical, the interpretation of the unruly, With the style of the style, I think the character of the cool girls can try, because it is just tied with your character.


Bright brown partial short hairstyles is very fashionable, dazzling, wherever it is the focus, after the side of the hot-rolled side of the bangs and hair tail fluffy, three-dimensional, sketched out the ultimate line of the United States, or an asymmetrical beauty , Very special, very charming.


Ultra-short nine partial short hairstyles shape is asymmetrical, while long side, while the short design is very unique, will not weaken your feminine, but also add a bit for you handsome hearty, the side of the long Liu Hai hair tail dyed gray, full of personality, extremely cool, you cut a certain super handsome, minutes than boys will go down, pull sister did not discuss.


Twenty-eight asymmetric short hairstyles is a sense of design, but also gives a simple, capable feeling, you want to enhance the feminine when the preferred hairstyle, dark brown hair color is fashionable, quite skin white, I believe you must be very heart , Since it is so quickly get the same money! After experiencing a lot of symmetrical beauty, we are the time to try something with asymmetric beauty, first of all from the cut a stylish and highly sense of the asymmetric wave began to design it!

Refreshing handsome boys short hairstyles recommended publicity trend personality

A handsome popular short hairstyles, you can quickly raise your value, cut a suitable for this season’s fresh hairstyle, which in the end which looks better, recommend the most popular boys love cool handsome, publicity your tide personality.


Belong to the sun boy’s short hairstyles, neat straight hair, highlighting the dream of immortal grass grass, there is no exaggeration of hair color, very suitable for obediently male, school brother who can learn up.


Refreshing plate head to create the best choice for the best shape, short hairstyles highlights your perfect head type, but also very good care.


Liu Hai short hairstyles has always been like the tide, thin thin bangs modified face, and very tender.


How the oil head, who said the heat can not stay hot, short hairstyles, wiped the hair to take care of the supple, exposing the forehead, the atmosphere can be very exposed to the perfect face, self-confidence show.


For a clear hair, especially for this season, short hairstyles side points, Liu Hai up to take care of men’s flavor.