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Subversion of the retro water ripple perms

Although the water ripple perms is very common, but you may not know can subvert the trend of retro water ripple perm is what! Retro water ripple perm style, hair and short hair to do the effect is different, would like to know the details of the sister not to go away, including your mind!


This is a very temperament of the retro water ripple hot hair ¬†type, looks romantic beautiful, fresh air bangs cut light breathable, looming forehead so that the sister’s face looks so long, long curls hanging on the cheek On both sides, in the dark brown hair under the background of the skin becomes shiny, the Buddha came out of the medieval princess, noble temperament.


If you want to make yourself through the perms some mature, then this retro water ripple hair is a good choice. Hot hair fluffy full of dynamic, casual shawl, showing the girls informal section of the atmosphere, slightly four or six points of the hair close to the cheek so that the facial lines become softer, showing the girls intellectual gentle Side, with retro coat is added to the strong woman’s momentum.


This retro feng shui corrugated hair is really very immortal wood? Black and beautiful hair color perms and simple, in the sub-Liu Hai designed to focus on the eyes of the girls on the facial features, highlight the high nose, showing the beautiful face of girls, supple water ripple long hair to the waist, Department of lines more than the face of the small size.


Black is the classic hair color, this with the eighties style black water ripple short perm is not only fresh and elegant, and without losing the sister of the sweet and lovely, both sides of the water ripple short hair perms¬†gently wrapped around the face, in the visual can play The role of face-lift, coupled with a matchhead bangs with, but also highlights the sister’s Smart eyes, people are not consciously attracted.