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What are some good men hairstyles, in women’s opinions?

Or the classic, timeless and very flattering James Dean style. If you have a good forehead and a good bone-structure (nice cheekbones, jawline and stuff), then it will be extremely flattering for you. If you don´t look good with a bare forehead, wear the men hairstyles like Patrick Swayze – with the forelock.


Remember when the high top fade was in and hair styling products used to be just gel, mousse and men hairstyles? Times have changed for the better…at least when it comes to hairstyles. Now, regardless of whether or not you want to pay homage to Vanilla Ice, there are a plethora of hair products ranging from the ol’ faithful gel to things like pastes, clay to pomade. But if you’re still using the same gel that you used back in high school, you may not be using the best hair product for your hair type or hair style. So if you want to optimize how those precious locks look, you need to choose your hair product wisely.


Fashion isn’t dictated from the men hairstyles of yore like it was in the past;  it is dictated in the streets, and incorporated into the fashion world to be reinterpreted. Often these looks are a reflection of what’s happening.


I am not sure what we can divine from this except that men hairstyles don’t really respond to new fashions as much as women do. I don’t really know why. But I do know I wear my hair the same today as I did 10 years ago. This is in line with Ashley Hinton’s reply that men often ask for “the usual”.


I would personally love to see more men comfortable with longer professional men hairstyles.  However, it seems to be something that a lot of them are maybe a little bit afraid of, intimidated by them, or simply don’t want to end up looking like they haven’t had a haircut in a while.  A lot of them like to “get their money’s worth” and have a visible result.