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How can I cut long layered hair at home?

At the first step to remodel your long hair, you should consider having a new cut for your hair. For long layered hair styles, you can start by having your hair trimmed to make it tidier. You can also remodel the layers so you have different look. Besides of getting new haircut, you can also shorten it if you want to have fresh look.

You can change your hair color if you want to have completely different look. If you have blonde long layered hair, why don’t you color your hair with something deeper? Getting brown hair will make you look modest and elegant. If you want something sexier and fierce, try wearing burgundy or purple hair color to make your hair look more gorgeous.

Chlorine strips away the long layered hair cuticle, allowing minerals in the water to get into the hair shaft and alter your color. Rather than diving in, sit pretty poolside, like Whitney Port, for at least two weeks before and after dyeing your hair. Hair dye always comes out darker than the image on the box. Buy one or two shades lighter than your desired color. Certain shampoos, like clarifying or dandruff-fighting formulas, can strip away hair color with sulfates and harsh chemicals.

But the one that would be suitable to you? Well, I can’t say so! You have your own specific taste. So I am going to share with you a few long layered hair, so go ahead and check them out. You will surely find the hairstyle to suit your personality, otherwise just ask me for more suggestions!