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How long is the hair texture? Long or short hair has its own characteristics

How long is the hair texture? In fact, the texture of the length of the hair on the length of the request is not long, long or short hair have their own characteristics, as you want to how to texture perm like to see your preferences.


Full of lazy feel the girls hair texture short hair natural, with the nature, gives a very leisurely impression, the use of stereotypes to shape the hair was full of sense of air and three-dimensional, girls will be more Smart and playful, super bright, whether it is Young girls or mature women can have.


And the hair texture perm hair length is moderate, hair volume, so it appears abundance, with the long points in the bangs, both sides of the flesh are covered up, you want to be thin how can you not love, and Chocolate color and stylish and calm, so that your taste more elegant atmosphere.


Short wave of the head in the hair texture after the hot become fluffy, type, lively sense of surge, the hair is very good to modify the MM face contours, the facade set off more three-dimensional, want to make themselves look more lovely, I suggest you can use some sweet headdress to decorate your hair.


Length and waist deep linen color hair is beautiful, people envy, after doing the hair texture of hot, the whole hair is more fashionable and personality, and drape sense of super good. When the hot hair of the hair loose in the body, really super dream charming, as if a delicate doll appeared in front of us, people shines.


In the hot weather, the girls cut a short broken hair style, and then stained a flax color, and finally to be a hair texture hot, after a series of transformation, a both avant-garde has a unique short hair on the available, it handsome , Neat, in the hot season with it, friends circle on the number of your most cool and leisurely.


How long is the hair texture? The key depends on your personal preferences, in fact, long or short hair have their own characteristics!