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Where can I get a premium quality full cheap lace wigs?

You could go to your cheap lace wigs store but unless you live in an extremely big city they will quite possible not have the range of styles, caps, hair types, colours and lengths that you want.

I would recommend looking online for a store such as ours which has good reviews and has been in operation for a long time. People who sell bad cheap lace wigs will not stay in business for very long unless they are very cheap or know how to hide, and they will not have good reviews!

Just be careful and look for any red flags. Never buy anything that is going to be shipped from China! It can be made in China, but not shipped. There are many counterfeit and false sellers from China that try to cell you cheap lace wigs. Be sure to really read the reviews and look at the satisfaction percentage. If you want human hair, I recommend getting Remy hair which is the best quality hair out there. However this hair, plus it being a full lace wig, will be very expensive. If it is not expensive, that is another red flag. You could also make your own wig. Buying remy hair alone and the cap separate is a lot cheaper.

Taking care of your cheap lace wigs is time-consuming because you need to detangle them after every use, and shampoo them if necessary after multiple uses, as well as letting them air-dry, and getting the bangs cut, etc. But it is very worth it! I love my wigs – couldn’t live without ‘em.

I would also wait on buying a lacefront or all-cheap lace wigs until you have some firsthand knowledge about wigs, or someone to help you learn. It is very easy to ruin a lacefront wig by cutting the lace wrong or gluing it down improperly.