Lazy with the simple natural hair wigs to show European and American style

Very simple a compiled, want to learn to see below, tutorial open slightly.

Step one: first comb the hair natural hair wigs, the hair is not combed too supple, slightly fluffy flu can also be, Liu comb into the points, so on the line friends.



Step two: from the side of the bangs (MM is the right side of the bang) picked up a bunch of natural hair wigs pulled to the ears, reverse, as shown in the MM, remember, reverse the process can not release Oh, bangs hair Also do not have too tight, loose a little can.



Step 3: the other side of the bang is also the case, pick up a bunch of natural hair wigs pulled back to the ear began to reverse, and then re-twist the hair in the back with a rubber band tied up.



Step four: the remaining natural hair wigs below the average divided into three, and just tied together with the tail compiled tails, the process can be fluffy at random, but do not get too messy.



Step five: This is a good effect after the series natural hair wigs, in the tail with a rubber band about it, so it looks idyllic full, there are steps below, come along!




Step 6: will have just compiled a good plait to pick up, into the top of the cauda equina tie natural hair wigs inside, if not fixed, it can be fixed with a hairpin it.



Step seven: the twist braided fixed after almost finished it! But there is a very important step, can not fall Oh, that is natural hair wigs, pull the braid pull loose a little, so that the feeling will be more free and natural.



OK friends, this is what you see the ultimate effect natural hair wigs, simple and good-looking, it is worth a school !