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Do trans womens wigs?


Now, then, on to your question. I started growing out womens wigs years before I transitioned. With one important exception, “male” hair is no different from “female” hair. Differences come down to growing your hair out, proper hair care (conditioning, using quality products, etc.), the style in which hair is cut and styled, etc.


So womens wigs is pretty much the same hair it always was, but with a different cut, different styling, etc. No real magic to it.


Now, here’s the important exception: people who naturally produce or who are taking male hormones are more likely to have a receding womens wigs or go bald than people who naturally produce or are taking female hormones. And when your hairline changes, it basically doesn’t grow back.


There are two major forces that impart pressure on Black (and other) women to relax or straighten their womens wigs.  Employers. Many employers have an issue with kinky/tightly coiled hair thinking that it does not look professional. Even the U.S. military has given women grief over this.


So some trans women wear wigs because of their hairline. Others wear womens wigs temporarily while their hair grows out longer after transition. And some women, cis and trans, wear wigs just so they can try a completely different style, color,,,


I love womens wigs but I hate the frizz. Just to get it to a manageble level, I apply product every morning and night and do a weekly frizz reducing treatment and I still deal with frizz everyday. Secondly, hairstyles are just so much easier with straight hair and and they are much quicker. Curly hair also tends to be much more dry than straight hair, and hair being dry causes knots, which can tear off your hair when you try to brush them out causing split ends – a whole range of annoying problems!