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Korean-style long hair voluptuous hair easily enhance the feminine

Long hair is never out of date hair, and want to make yourself more temperament and feminine, voluptuous hair large perm perm is the best choice! Feng Yun fluffy large volume design allows you to release the charm of unlimited women. Now follow my footsteps to feel it! Maybe there is a very suitable for you!


This section of the air bangs golden brown long-haired large perm, hair look elegant yet lovely, winding messy voluptuous hair to bring out the girls delicate face, with exquisite hair with a cute and cute feeling.


Large side of the large roll of perm on the side of the long bangs naturally close to the cheek floating in the shoulder, easy to create a small face effect, the full sense of layering voluptuous hair pulled up to the ear, thus creating a lady wind.


This long curly ripple perm, chic hair design is very trendy hairstyle today! In the sub-design of the bangs with ripple-style voluptuous hair design repair Yan and tender. Layered hair full of showing a distinctive charm.


Black long hair perm is very natural, natural black hair color is very gentle, only the design of perm tail, simple and generous, the supple curly voluptuous hair tied into a high horsetail, distributed a small fresh taste, a super-simple pure green Hair styles.


Large volume perm from the top of the spiral began to spiral volume, the end of the abundance of fluffy, it seems that the whole shape with the nature, gently modified other bangs face, highlighting the little girls of girls temperament, dark brown color scattered large voluptuous hair dye to see the overall shape Up more natural fresh.