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What is vogue wigs?


Vogue wigs is characterized by model – like poses with angular, linear, and rigid arm, leg, and body movements. This style of dance arose from Harlem ballrooms by African Americans and Latino Americans. It was originally called “presentation” and later “performance”, but over the years the dance has evolved into ta more intricate and illusory form.

There are vogue wigs¬†also formal competitions that occur in the form of balls held by “houses”. Some renowned houses include the House of Garcon, the House of Icon, the House of Khanh, the House of Evisu, the House of Karan, the House of Omni, the House of Aviance, and the House of Legacy.


There are three styles of vogue: the old way (pre – 1990), the new way (post – 1990), and vogue femme (circa 1995).

The vogue wigs is characterized by the formation of lines, symmetry, and precision in the execution of formations with graceful action. Many of the old way inspiration comes from the Egyptian hieroglyphs. Historically, vogue used to be a duel between two rivals. The old way rules dictate that one rival must “pin” the other to win the contest. Pinning usually involved the trapping of the opponent so that he or she could not preform any more movements while the other competitor was still in motion.


The New vogue wigs is characterized by rigid movements coupled with “clicks” and “arms control” illusions. New way can also be described as a modified form of mime in which imaginary geometric shapes are introduced during motion and moved progressively around the dancer’s body to display the dancer’s dexterity and memory.

Vogue femme is fluidity at the most extreme with exaggerated movements influenced by ballet and modern dance. Styles of vogue femme performance range from dramatics style (which emphasizes stunts, tricks, and speed) to soft style vogue wigs (which emphasizes a graceful easy flow). There are six elements of vogue femme: hand performance, catwalk, duckwalk, floor performance, dips, and spins.

See how big bow vogue wigs ornaments decorated with sweet and elegant


Today, a wide range of hair ornaments, bow vogue wigs ornaments can be described as a timeless wild magic, no matter what style you want to shape, bow hair ornaments can add brilliance to you today to edit the two hairstyles are also introduced Clever use of a large bow hair ornaments, take a look.11

Back to each other with a twist of the back of the vogue wigs bundle delicate and delicate, do not in the side of the big bow and hair chain youthful moving, with the waves of the loose hair, always exudes a sweet and lively atmosphere.


Step 1

First of all, set aside a good bangs hair, vogue wigs will be the top of the head together, and then twisted into a bunch of braids, and hairpin in the back of the head fixed position, pay attention to keep the head fluffy hair.


Step 2

Then, the bangs side of the vogue wigs also gathered together, the same turn into a hair bundle, and cover the hair bundle in the previous step to cover the top of the hairpin used to fix, and then fixed with a hairpin.


Step 3

As with the previous steps, the vogue wigs on the other side of the bang is twisted into a braid and covered over the braid on the previous step to cover the fixed hairpin, which can then be hidden in front of the braid Step into the hair.


Step 4

Finally, with a fine shape of the big bow vogue wigs, the two bundles of hair bundles fixed together, fixed position can be biased to one side, on the other side of a decorative chain, so that hair styling is more lively.