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Fresh and moving spring short hair type

Is the so-called “one year is the spring”, at the beginning of the new year on the election of hair, you will be a year! Fresh and moving spring short hair type set to you, this spring cut short hair the most appropriate!


This spring, irregular elements gradually popular, so that “dog eating type” Liuhai short hair type prepared by the influx of people of all ages. Seemingly tricks of the banghai design is to highlight your personality and tide, tail tail thin, in the package face while covering up your face excess meat, quite thin.


In the middle and slightly with the air Liuhai short hair type fresh and moving, the length of the ears just hair simple, neat, when the hair on both sides behind the ears, you can make more refreshing.


Want to be bright girl can also cut a lovely like this Qi Liu Haibo wave short hair type, it is suitable for a wide range of age, but the age is always stable, and then infected with a popular hair color, to ensure that very fashionable!


Spring is a season full of vitality, so girls may wish at this time put on a handsome and personality and ears short hair type, you look good facial features to show out, giving a more fresh, lively feeling.


Do not like too short hairstyle, then you can consider this sweet and lovely shoulder short hair type, buckle hair tail with air Qi Liu design allows you to face and enhance the lovely temperament.


Say “one year is the spring”, so the girls quickly plan to cut a suitable for their own short hair type, so that their full year full of it!