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Japanese Harajuku girls Qi ear short hair styles

Japanese Harajuku girls short hair styles fashion unique, there is a personality you can not try this year, a hairstyle, how much of its charm will be excavated by you.


The world is not only soft sister, there are hard sister it! And this hair line tough Harajuku wind oblique Liu Haiqi ear short hair styles¬†exclusive of a tough girl’s hair, after micro-hot treatment and dyeing is more tidal and personality, to bend shape to bring a cool The beret is also a good choice.


Japanese Harajuku this is a very unique style, with this style of Qi Liu Qi ear short hair both in appearance design or short hair styles color are very personal, gradient purple hair extremely dazzling, and then with a smoked eye Makeup is the charm of the girls will be the interpretation of the ultimate charm.


Japan Harajuku girls are basically preference for exaggerated hair color, cut a neutral Qi Er short hair styles after adding a second element of silver and white hair color is not surprising, irregular air bangs elegant, it is their free and easy Unruly symbol of character.


When the cool Harajuku girls Qi ear short hair styles on the hot in power “grandma gray”, the tide again upgrade, and super-skin white wood! And then put on a gray with a pink hair band, you can increase the saturation of the hair color, looks very comfortable.


Japanese Harajuku girls Qi ear short hair styles trend unique, is clearly the standard of individual girls, you do not mind when I lose