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2017 trend of women short hair style

Girls cut a short hair style, how to shape to more tide it? I think you can try perm. 2017 trend of female short hot hair immediately sent for you, together to enjoy these beautiful short perm it!


Korean water ripple short hair style perm is characterized by a type, three-dimensional, stylish and rich sweet Fan, so much young MM like, if you want more plastic Yan, I suggest you design the bureaucratic, this will be very good Face effect.


In the sub-and with a messy short hair style full of personality, after positioning hot, the hair becomes natural and fluffy, more tide, this time again dyed hair dyed very popular deep linen color, simply can not be more tide.


This is a short hair style retro, sweet, young girl cut such a hair cute cute, placed on a mature woman who is fashionable, so that this short perm for the crowd is very broad, whether you can be a few years old Try to make yourself more fashionable.


This is a very feminine short hair style, shoulder short hair hair moderate, curly hair tail tail extension, soft lines, can highlight your mature charm, thirty-seven partial Liu Hai is a big repair sharp weapon, This hairstyle fashion and good-looking, I give full marks.