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How do I get a decent perm hairstyles?


Yes it is called a perm hairstyles. African American hairstyling perm is a misnomer for relaxer which is not the same as a straightener but they do the same thing. Koreans can have frizzy and curly hair. A perm in Korea is a hair straightening process that may look familar to hairstyle history afficandos.


That’s usually the thought that wins out. I make a conscious effort when I go for interviews to perm hairstyles my hair in a neat twist out or at least have fresh hair . Showing that cared for and well-loved natural hair looks amazing!


There was one occasion when I wore my natural hair in a lovely pinned twisted perm hairstyles to an interview and the interviewers (3 middle aged white women that had Irish sounding names and looking eerily similar) could not stop staring at my hair.


Most of the roles I’ve sought have been in perm hairstyles, so most hiring managers are more keenly aware of what constitutes discrimination . I’ve had “natural hair” my entire life, but badly heat damaged it. 4 years ago I made a conscious decision to rock my kinky curls, not only for myself but to inspire other black women.


I will be perm hairstyles my natural hair to work and to interviews for the rest of my career. If a company can’t accept my hair in it’s raw and unaltered state, they do not accept me. My hair is a MASSIVE part of my identity. It’s unlikely that they will accept my blackness or other essential aspects of my being.