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What is the rarest natural hair colour?

Red hair is the least common hair color, closely followed by blonde hair. Only 1-2% of the world has red hair, which is most commonly found in Western and Northern Europe, along with the United States. However, natural hair can be found in the Uighurs of China and in the Berbers of North Africa, albeit very rarely.

For example, as a woman, a mismatch between natural hair and eyebrow color is off-putting to me but I have no idea if men notice this or not, and if they do notice it, does it deflect them? Do men look at artificial blondes the same way they do natural blonde hair (which is uncommon)? I don’t know if these distinctions have been studied formally, but if you are thinking about changing your hair, I’d make sure that everything matches in order to maximize the effect.

Try using a stain or a natural hair color over your highlights to get them close to your natural color without the line of demarkation you would get had you chosen to grow them out. I say demi-permanent because chances are, your highlighted sections might be a little damaged. Demi-permanent color doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft as deeply, therefore it doesn’t cause as much damage.

If the quality of their natural hair after bleaching it is good, then we suggest colouring your hair to a colour that matches your natural which I would say is the best way to grow it out.