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Six tide male for you to show boys mushroom head for what face

Boys cut mushroom head can not be sloppy, if your hair and face unworthy, would not damage the value of the value? But do not be afraid, immediately there will be six tide male for you to show boys mushroom head for what face, to help you easily choose the hair, become more handsome.


Flush Liu Hai plus round round arc, sideburn shaved thin and short, yes, this is the most authentic mushroom head! It is lovely and a little bit of Meng, quite age, as long as not a large round face, side face and short face can easily hold live, or will only exposed your face shortcomings, so your face plate look bigger!


The most primitive mushroom head is too dull, not the tide of men love, but after a little roll hot will become more texture, fashion value surge, and then cut the sea with a sense of the more sense of the line, Which makes a variety of different faces of the boys can try to bold, because it can be your face lines modified so more gentle and harmonious.


Melon seeds face guy to cut mushroom head can learn to the boys, also has a melon face he is holding a very tidal texture of hot mushroom head, fluffy hair is very three-dimensional, but Will be too delicate melon face modified more full of the atmosphere, increase your masculine.


This is a very suitable for narrow face, long face and melon seeds face boys mushroom head, simple and rude Qi Liu and the hair on both sides of the shaved short, lovely mushroom-like appearance, thick and long Qi Liu can cover you Face is too narrow, thin, long and so on shortcomings, so that your face ratio becomes better.


This is a shorter mushroom head, the shorter the bangs, the more you can bare the skin, and instantly lengthen the face, so this is a round face, face and face slightly shorter boys and mushrooms head. Especially to take care of the hair closer to the styling is very personal, but also help focus on the central focus, so that your facial features more prominent.


Golden mushroom head chic very, cut the tail of the hair so that the original bulky mushroom head becomes fresh and fresh, irregular Liu Hai’s face better, so the basic variety of face boys can have, especially those facial features Not enough three-dimensional boys are more suitable for trying, because the light golden hair super-skin white, but you can face and facial features set off more profound three-dimensional it!