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Male hair face suitable for what the mens wigs, which five most plastic face!

Boys face too long easy to be laughing Ma face, to get rid of this embarrassment, you should try these five most plastic mens wigs!


For other people, the boys wave head fashion a mens wigs, but for long face boys, it is your best helper face ah, shorten the face so easy! Especially for the wave of the head to set the hot and the tail of the bones have been thinner after some more tide.


Long face boys face has a very big advantage, that mens wigs, facial contour lines clear, very type. Cut a fresh no bangs broken hair, and then the temples repair short, not only you can set off more handsome, but also make your face more delicate!


Liu Hai micro-diagonal design of the pan head avant-garde personality, 100% for young handsome long face boys, just and eyebrow Liu Hai for you to block the long mens wigs, in the visual up to make your face shortened by one-third.


Four or six partial texture of the short mens wigs fluffy sense of full, because the texture of hot and become very sloping Liu bang silently to help you plastic face, so a high value and face effect super hair you miss the You feel distressed.


A bit of retro style of the slope of the bang mens wigs short hair looks very special, the hair on both sides of the hair is shorter after the design sense, the front can be modified face length, the side of your forehead to the mandibular angle of the lines modified more refined, strength plastic Yan! Long face boys want to have a stylish and sad face hair, the above five “both the posture and the actual” short hair is your best choice!