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Trendy avant-garde red corn long hair can not be missed

Red gives the feeling of vibrant, passionate and unrestrained! Now give you a few red corn long hair, is how to distribute the fiery temperament it!


Deep wine red long hair color, flush bangs, corn perm design, perfect to bring out the exquisite small face Oh! Wear a punk wind hat,Wearing a dark tone of the ink blue hollow shirt, dark red skirt, take the black tight pants, a gray blue shoes, the overall clever mix of cool air !


This brown red corn perm type long hair, in the sun exudes a charming soft light, within the deduction of the Qi Liu and the rules of the corn to be a large degree of volume, it is particularly gentle and beautiful crush !


Chestnut red long hair color, slightly curved bangs, fluffy full of corn perm hair, dreamy sweet princess, very sweet and lovely !


Dazzling wine red long hair, corn hot design, it is fairy Oh! With black hollow lace shirt, and the same color with the hair color of the deep red shorts, simple and stylish and generous! Very lively and enthusiastic Oh!


Dazzling red, give you the impression? To a long hair red corn hair bar! Good to see!