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Plastic face index of the highest girls long hair styles

Long face type girls cut what kind of hair the most ugly, I believe this is a lot of long face beauty want to know things, you have no clue of the occasion, may wish to look at the highest index of plastic girls face long hair styles full face, maybe you understood.


Japanese hair is generally fashionable and long hair styles, this is suitable for long face sister’s hair is no exception, fashionable fresh air Qi Liu plus natural lovely water ripple perm is now many Japanese beauty with the heart water, especially that Qi Liu’s design helps to block the long face of the forehead of beauty, virtually shortening the length of the face.


Super-Meng of the Japanese Qi Liu small low-cauda ball head regardless of who who have the effect of the age of tenderness, the length of just over the eyebrows long hair styles plus both sides of the long hair look good and personality, just to help the face Beauty who plastic Yan.


Japanese black tea color long hair styles sweet romantic, with the air Qi Liu bloom after the soft Meng feel surge, especially for the face too long sister, so that my daughter’s facial features more refined three-dimensional, to improve the shortcomings of the face.