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The most suitable for small lace front wigs girls five recommended bangs

What is the suit for me? Intimate I decided to inventory for you the most suitable for small face girls lace front wigs, cut to the bangs, your image and temperament will be big points!


In the sub-lace front wigs has “universal bangs” title, because it can almost all the face modification, and not pick people. In the sub-bangs in the hair under the modification of the little face face particularly small and exquisite, so that MM instantly become a palm face goddess.


19 points in the bureaucratic revealed a bit domineering, gives a very cool and neat feeling, just for the temperament slightly weak little girl, this lace front wigs not only type, and can make your smooth forehead revealed no doubt Your face is impeccable.


Although the fashionable avant-garde, but very picky, can hold live it, little face face ranking is absolutely in the top three, for no reason, no way to choose lace front wigs type chanting! When the little girl to stay in a small air Qi Liu short perm, it is a percentage of pretty beautiful eyes.


Your face is small, your wayward, even the dog bite the irregular bangs can also be free to get. An irregular lace front wigs short hair personality and full of fun, can make little girl look more cute, sprouting everyone.


The face is too small to easily face long, this time you can cut an air character lace front wigs chang curls, let it to modify your face, shorten the length of your face, abundance of curls can help you increase the fullness of the face and woman Taste it!


Little girl is really envious of the basic, all kinds of lace front wigs can easily hold live, especially the above five of the most suitable for you, the most show your beauty!

What are the differences between lace front and lace front wigs?

Lace wigs, in my opinion, are the only way to go. The point of the lace is that it allows you to part your wig in any direction, and the lace, especially with a little foundation (makeup) dabbed onto it, looks exactly like your scalp. With a lace front wigs, you can have a deep part all the way up to the top of your head. With full lace, you can take the part all the way to the back of your head.


A lace front wigs implies that the hairline is ventilated (strands of hair knotted onto lace or net) while the remainder of the wig is wefting (“tracks” of hair composed of hundreds-thousands of strands) attached to a mesh or other kind of cap. Lace-fronts can be machine or handmade and do not usually require a person’s head measurements to be taken, unless custom-made. Lace-fronts also take less time to make, since ventilation is limited to the hairline. They give a more realistic appearance than your standard “hard-lace” wigs, but are more affordable than a full-lace. A lace-front can allow a wig-wearer to change their parting, whereas hard-lace wigs are not as forgiving.


A lace front wigs is entirely ventilated. All of the hair is attached to lace by being hand-tied (or machine-knotted) and it is usually very time-consuming! Various types of fibers (human hair, synthetic blends, wool, animal hair, etc) can be used in making a full-lace. They are often reserved for serious wig-wearers, stage/movie work, or celebrities because they last the longest of any wig type and are very costly. Unless it’s a store-bought full-lace wig, head measurements and tracings will be required (front to back hairline, ear to ear, head circumference). It’s uncommon for the average person to buy or wear a full-lace because of how expensive and uncommon they are, but many wig/beauty shops do sell them.


It’s much more common to find a lace front wigs since generally people are more concerned with a realistic-looking hairline & the ability to part their hair. The price disparity can be great between the two types as well, so lace wigs are not commonly worn by the layperson unless they are machine-made.