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The influx of people tell you how to roll the human hair wigs


Who said hot water ripple hairstyle must go to the salon, the following let the influx of people for your own demonstration at home how to use curly hair rods out of good water ripple human hair wigs it!


Before curling, please take care of your long hair, then the human hair wigs rods power, preheat for half a minute. When the curly hair is in the middle of the hair.


Use the curling stick to hold the human hair wigs, and then pull the hair from the hand, placed on the curling bar, waiting for about 15 seconds, will be able to form a water ripple. Remember that the amount of hair can not be too much.


Curved hair styling, the curling hair can be pulled down the opportunity, even the tail have to take care of. After finishing the curling, you can close the curl stick, you can take care of your human hair wigs.


Hot water ripple hairstyle do not have to go to the salon trip, as long as you have a curly hair bar and master the curly human hair wigs skills, their own at home can also roll out good water ripple perm!


human hair wigs


One thing that most people do not realize is that most of the human hair wigs donated is never made into wigs but is used for other purposes like soaking up oil in an oil spill. Hair that is acceptable quality must have never been chemically treated, and be at least three inches longer than the finished wig. It also must be of a texture that can hold a knot. many hairs will tend to untie if they are ventilated into a wig. Locks of Love has been accused of selling the good hair it receives and substituting poor quality hair to give to kids. I can attest to that as I have worked with their wigs and could do very little to make them look good because they were such poor quality.


There are two ways acceptable hair can be made into a human hair wigs. The first is called wefted. The hair is sewn into a long band with string, then these wefts are lined up and sewn in place in the form of the head. The second way is called a lace wig and the hairs are ventilated or tied in small groups of 1-4 hairs onto a net that has been designed to take the shape of the head.


Both methods can break the hair or the hair can untie and cause shedding. very good quality human hair wigs have the hair all aligned in the same direction that it came from the head and this helps to prevent tangling. The term for this is called remy, however today that term has been misused and many wigs that claim they are remy are simply coated with silicone to make it look like good quality. Unfortunately the silicone washes off the hair and you are left with a mess that tangles easily.


Since extensions are so popular today there is a shortage of good quality hair and most manufacturers can not even buy it. The human hair wigs market is tightly controlled and the good hair usually goes to Jewish companies that make wigs for the very rich. It used to be available to the entertainment industry but this is no longer true. So, buying a human hair wig for less than thousands of dollars is a scam. There are a few companies that harvest their own virgin hair like Freedom wigs, but these wigs are only used by people with total hair loss or those that shave their heads and they too cost several thousand dollars.


It always makes me sad when I see ads for wigs at the $300.00 range that claim to have virgin human hair wigs or be of good quality. The general public does not know good quality from poor quality. However, even hair of poor quality can look good and if the buyer is happy with the product, then it is ok to buy it. I just wish there was more truth and less marketing baloney.