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Teaches you how to blow the human hair blend wigs texture more hot tide

Boys do a texture perm human hair blend wigs type do not know how to blow? Do not worry, this will have a sportsman to teach you how to burn the texture of the hot tide better look.



In the human hair blend wigs before the bend shape, the boys had better wash head, first with a towel to gently suck the surface moisture, and then use hair dryer hair. First of all, we have to catch the top hair, and keep the hair, let it become fluffy, then the sideburns hair naturally natural supple, behind the hair have to blow fluffy.


Then we mainly on the bangs human hair blend wigs stereotypes, the bangs up, let the hot air blown against the hair root, so bangs become three-dimensional fluffy.


Take the right amount of wax in the palm of your human hair blend wigs open, and then catch and grasp the sides of the hair with the back of the head, the temples straighten out to help hair styling.


Do the texture hot, the boys can be blown in accordance with these methods, so you can easily create a handsome human hair blend wigs shape of the type.