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Teach you big sense of the big african american wigs

Want to come to a full sense of the full african american wigs ball head? Temperament unique and good-looking hairstyle will make you earn full turn heads Oh! Today, let me teach you to tie an American-style ball head!


First of all, the hair comb, the free side of the bangs out, and then buried his african american wigs head from the hair root to pick out three small bundles of hair to be compiled.



The hairline at the three small bundle of african american wigs hair has been to the head of the fish braid braid, in the preparation of the same time to both sides of the braid has been added to the braid(Figure)a


After weaving in the head, first tied into a african american wigs to stay out of the tail(Figure)b


At this time, the head of the ball around the african american wigs hair winding head winding up the use of a word folder can be fixed, while the bangs hair can be slightly tilted to the hair tail, and then a word clip fixed (Figure)

Finally, and then a little bit bangs and bangs head, so that the whole hair more natural. This ball is not the first big african american wigs-style sense of it? Do you like it?