Big face girls summer wig types let you fresh, face again at the same time

Exclusive to the big face girl summer  hair fresh baked it! From which to find the hair for your face, you can also face and enjoy a full sense of freshness!


March 7 partial and no wig types design long micro hot hair simple, fresh, the most suitable for big face girls, however. Slightly ups and downs hot hair affixed to face good, so in order to cover the meat was thin, just long and long hair length, moderate care will not look too heavy, so you more easily in the summer.


Love style of air wig types short curls help reduce age, which is how many girls dream of things, big face girls are not to be missed. Want to be more face, do this hair, your bangs can be appropriate to cut some of the shorter, more spiritual, and then on both sides of the hair to strengthen stereotypes, so that they are more obedient to your cheek, Fluffy inside the button-like, so that both can modify the face, and do not have to worry about hair tail too drape and firmly wrapped around your neck, hot summer, it can help you heat!


In the middle of the water ripple long hair perm face effect is no trivial, is the middle of the boundaries of the shape of your face will be more symmetrical proportion of symmetry, and then use both sides of the natural wig types perm face, big face instantly invisible. Because to deal with the summer high temperature problem, so Jojot suggest that you can repair the rich and some sense of air and some messy, so look refreshing and some lazy, looks very good.


How hot the summer, you and I all know that the big face of the girl afraid of hot or obediently hair up or put it up, so that your neck can be breathable. At this time, you may be worried about all the hair will be obvious after the wig types hair, to solve this problem, you need to set aside before the barges on both sides of the bangs, long to the chin of the bang is absolutely perfect to modify your face , Especially after the Liu will be more charming feminine feminine!