2017 boys the latest tide short hair


2016 is drawing to a close, whether boys or girls are beginning to see the latest trend in 2017 have what short hair, then 2017 in the end the latest wave of boys hairstyle what? Here to follow me to take a look at the recommendation of the latest five 2017 tide hair picture! Perhaps you will find here the most suitable for your latest hairstyle !


Natural black hair to bring out the boy’s sun temperament, with a simple head shape, more boys warm and handsome. Both sides shovel out of the temples, and Jun Lang’s facial features combined, the whole shape to show a fresh sense of fashion. Simple and full sense of short hair, with a stylish black sunglasses, highlighting the handsome fashion sense.


Light-colored short hair, with a stylish big handsome back tide men hair, handsome, shaved hair on both sides of the short, simple and refreshing, hairline clear forehead 37 points, with the side of the short hair combed into handsome Back shape combination, the perfect interpretation of the cold and proud temperament.


This back and the aircraft head combined with the boys short hair, stand in the top of the short hair to take care of a sense of fullness, revealing the fresh forehead, the overall comb hair styling showing three-dimensional facial features of boys modeling. Distinguishable 37 points for the entire short hair big back shape to show a unique personality and charm.


The head of the aircraft and the first difference is that the head of the short hair after the positioning of the hot, did not pass through the hair of the aircraft head exposed fresh forehead, and shaved hair on both sides of the combination, more boys Handsome and fresh fashion sense. Simple shape to show a simple sense of uniqueness.


Mendicant male hair mushroom short hair short hair, 2017 is also very popular, trimmed the exposed eyebrows Liu Hai fresh and clean, fluffy rounded short perm, breath. And then with the sunglasses on the full sense of the tide.