Teach you big sense of the big african american wigs

Want to come to a full sense of the full african american wigs ball head? Temperament unique and good-looking hairstyle will make you earn full turn heads Oh! Today, let me teach you to tie an American-style ball head!


First of all, the hair comb, the free side of the bangs out, and then buried his african american wigs head from the hair root to pick out three small bundles of hair to be compiled.



The hairline at the three small bundle of african american wigs hair has been to the head of the fish braid braid, in the preparation of the same time to both sides of the braid has been added to the braid(Figure)a


After weaving in the head, first tied into a african american wigs to stay out of the tail(Figure)b


At this time, the head of the ball around the african american wigs hair winding head winding up the use of a word folder can be fixed, while the bangs hair can be slightly tilted to the hair tail, and then a word clip fixed (Figure)


Finally, and then a little bit bangs and bangs head, so that the whole hair more natural. This ball is not the first big african american wigs-style sense of it? Do you like it?

What is vogue wigs?


Vogue wigs is characterized by model – like poses with angular, linear, and rigid arm, leg, and body movements. This style of dance arose from Harlem ballrooms by African Americans and Latino Americans. It was originally called “presentation” and later “performance”, but over the years the dance has evolved into ta more intricate and illusory form.

There are vogue wigs also formal competitions that occur in the form of balls held by “houses”. Some renowned houses include the House of Garcon, the House of Icon, the House of Khanh, the House of Evisu, the House of Karan, the House of Omni, the House of Aviance, and the House of Legacy.


There are three styles of vogue: the old way (pre – 1990), the new way (post – 1990), and vogue femme (circa 1995).

The vogue wigs is characterized by the formation of lines, symmetry, and precision in the execution of formations with graceful action. Many of the old way inspiration comes from the Egyptian hieroglyphs. Historically, vogue used to be a duel between two rivals. The old way rules dictate that one rival must “pin” the other to win the contest. Pinning usually involved the trapping of the opponent so that he or she could not preform any more movements while the other competitor was still in motion.


The New vogue wigs is characterized by rigid movements coupled with “clicks” and “arms control” illusions. New way can also be described as a modified form of mime in which imaginary geometric shapes are introduced during motion and moved progressively around the dancer’s body to display the dancer’s dexterity and memory.

Vogue femme is fluidity at the most extreme with exaggerated movements influenced by ballet and modern dance. Styles of vogue femme performance range from dramatics style (which emphasizes stunts, tricks, and speed) to soft style vogue wigs (which emphasizes a graceful easy flow). There are six elements of vogue femme: hand performance, catwalk, duckwalk, floor performance, dips, and spins.

In 2017 the latest wig types sweet hair perm


Whether it is curly or perm, perm wig types does not seem to fall behind! This time I bring you the latest hair in 2017, sweet hair perm hair tips, interested to see it!



Qi Liu in the buckle perm

Honey brown wig types, the girl ‘s skin lining was white and supple, lovely within the buckle hair tail, by age of Qi Liu, sweet hair accessories, no doubt show the charming side.


Fluffy egg roll head perm

In 2017 the latest sweet egg roll perm wig types, oblique bangs cover the forehead to modify the perfect oval face effect, fluffy hair more youthful vitality.


Sweet egg roll head perm

This is very sweet egg head perm, slightly curled oblique bangs to cover the girls forehead, do not on the side of a beautiful wig types accessories, even more sweet!



In the sub-sweet perm wig types

The latest sub-girls perm hair, in the bangs, cute tail hair volume, repair Yan effect super awesome, with a red hat, but also highlight the sweet style.


2017 latest female wig types perm hair to share it here! Which sister is more like it?

How do I distinguish real hair wigs ?


A real hair wigs is produced by complex steps, including cleaning, coloring and styling. After all these steps, the hair fiber is different from the original hair. Here is a video introducing how to know real hair from fake hair by burn text.


real hair wigs offers the most natural look and feel. It is remarkably soft with a shine and movement that is not easily duplicated in synthetic hair. It is also extremely versatile. Human Hair can be cut and styled to suit your personal tastes. And while it can be a more expensive pick, with the proper care, it is also more durable and can last over a year.


here are generally four basic types of real hair wigs: Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and European/Caucasian. The majority of wigs are made from Asian hair. Chinese hair has a thicker denier (unit of fineness) which results in the hair being extremely straight. It is a bit more resistant to curl and can therefore be harder to style. Indonesian hair is found in greater supply and is less costly — it can often be found in ethnic style wigs. Indian hair has thinner denier close to that of European hair but with a bit more texture. European hair is the most sought after for its fine denier but due to its increasingly limited supply in the marketplace, it is more expensive.


The origin of the real hair wigs is not the only factor, however. Processing technique is directly related to the strength and quality of the end-product. The chemicals needed, to sanitize and strip away the original color to produce different curl patterns and colors, are very strong and can affect the integrity of the hair depending on method used. When a higher quality of chemicals and a more artful approach to processing is used, the results are higher quality product and thus higher price.


It is extremely important to use care products specifically formulated for highly processed real hair wigs. Also keep in mind that wearable hair does not benefit from naturally occurring oils from the scalp. It is important to hydrate and condition hair daily.


real hair wigs is by far the superior choice if quality is the only factor. Other than price, the main drawback to human hair is required maintenance — as with natural hair, it requires effort. For many, daily styling is actually preferable as it allows for more control over the appearance as well as a sense of normalcy that can come with the daily hair styling ritual.Keep in mind that human hair does not come out of the box ready to wear. You may choose to have it customized by a professional stylist to get exactly the look you like.

It does take a bit of extra effort… but is worth it!

Breakdown of those wig types!

Wig styles varied, with a large part of the design of the bangs with repair. Want to know what wig types? Quickly follow my footsteps to enjoy it, choose a decoration from the most beautiful of their own!


Wig styles varied, with a large part of the design of the bangs with repair. Want to know what wig types it? Quickly follow the footsteps of Xiaobian to enjoy it, choose a decorating out of the most beautiful yourself!


Elegant ladies temperament with straight bangs wig types, modified quiet and natural atmosphere is quite generous, natural hair from the shoulder comb, forehead bangs to the face of the modification is very generous.

Oblique bangs hair wig types generous hair generous yet delicate, from the shoulder rolled up the natural hair, soft hair curls and pretty curly hair style, elegant temperament is very natural wig decoration.

Oblique Liu natural bright, fluffy hair wig types comb in the shoulder generous yet delicate, fluffy hair curvature and delicate natural hair effect, soft hair to bring the perfect quiet temperament.


To the bangs a natural and generous modification, straight hair tail on the point of broken hair design, with a soft curly hair wig types, the modification of the face is quiet and more sweet.


Qi Liu hair wig types long hair, a little bangs of the thickness of hair design, with a comb in the shoulder of the soft hair, exquisite comb hair and fluffy hair curvature is also added to the elegant and natural.


Qi Liu wig thin curly hair, comb hair in the shoulder from the cheek position began to roll up, natural Liu hair wig types, suitable for small face mature mature wig also add noble temperament.

See how big bow vogue wigs ornaments decorated with sweet and elegant


Today, a wide range of hair ornaments, bow vogue wigs ornaments can be described as a timeless wild magic, no matter what style you want to shape, bow hair ornaments can add brilliance to you today to edit the two hairstyles are also introduced Clever use of a large bow hair ornaments, take a look.11

Back to each other with a twist of the back of the vogue wigs bundle delicate and delicate, do not in the side of the big bow and hair chain youthful moving, with the waves of the loose hair, always exudes a sweet and lively atmosphere.


Step 1

First of all, set aside a good bangs hair, vogue wigs will be the top of the head together, and then twisted into a bunch of braids, and hairpin in the back of the head fixed position, pay attention to keep the head fluffy hair.


Step 2

Then, the bangs side of the vogue wigs also gathered together, the same turn into a hair bundle, and cover the hair bundle in the previous step to cover the top of the hairpin used to fix, and then fixed with a hairpin.


Step 3

As with the previous steps, the vogue wigs on the other side of the bang is twisted into a braid and covered over the braid on the previous step to cover the fixed hairpin, which can then be hidden in front of the braid Step into the hair.


Step 4

Finally, with a fine shape of the big bow vogue wigs, the two bundles of hair bundles fixed together, fixed position can be biased to one side, on the other side of a decorative chain, so that hair styling is more lively.



What are the differences between lace front and lace front wigs?

Lace wigs, in my opinion, are the only way to go. The point of the lace is that it allows you to part your wig in any direction, and the lace, especially with a little foundation (makeup) dabbed onto it, looks exactly like your scalp. With a lace front wigs, you can have a deep part all the way up to the top of your head. With full lace, you can take the part all the way to the back of your head.


A lace front wigs implies that the hairline is ventilated (strands of hair knotted onto lace or net) while the remainder of the wig is wefting (“tracks” of hair composed of hundreds-thousands of strands) attached to a mesh or other kind of cap. Lace-fronts can be machine or handmade and do not usually require a person’s head measurements to be taken, unless custom-made. Lace-fronts also take less time to make, since ventilation is limited to the hairline. They give a more realistic appearance than your standard “hard-lace” wigs, but are more affordable than a full-lace. A lace-front can allow a wig-wearer to change their parting, whereas hard-lace wigs are not as forgiving.


A lace front wigs is entirely ventilated. All of the hair is attached to lace by being hand-tied (or machine-knotted) and it is usually very time-consuming! Various types of fibers (human hair, synthetic blends, wool, animal hair, etc) can be used in making a full-lace. They are often reserved for serious wig-wearers, stage/movie work, or celebrities because they last the longest of any wig type and are very costly. Unless it’s a store-bought full-lace wig, head measurements and tracings will be required (front to back hairline, ear to ear, head circumference). It’s uncommon for the average person to buy or wear a full-lace because of how expensive and uncommon they are, but many wig/beauty shops do sell them.


It’s much more common to find a lace front wigs since generally people are more concerned with a realistic-looking hairline & the ability to part their hair. The price disparity can be great between the two types as well, so lace wigs are not commonly worn by the layperson unless they are machine-made.


Recommended handsome boys wig types


Wig has become a trend of many people in one of the fashion items, as long as the use of wig types can create a different shape every day, today I brought you fashionable wigs boys, take a look at it.7

This boy wig types slightly longer, brown dyed gorgeous fashion, full of personality, suitable for relatively young boys.


Black short hair to create fluffy three-dimensional shape, coupled with sunglasses, cold type, with the boys wig types, no longer have to worry about how to use the gel water to create a hairstyle.


This black short wig types elegant elegance, with a high-necked sweater, is definitely the preferred winter.


Hair flattened you can also try boys wig types, coupled with the short hair of corn to make your head type instantly plump up.


The boys wig types is also a good choice for people with flat hair, brown bubble surface hot cute Funny, accompanied by a round box black glasses, especially playful.


No facial features of the black long wig types uninhibited, with a gray woven hat, warm and tide flavor was full.


Girls wig types curls 2016 Yan value points can not be missed



Not a who is born is the goddess, and not the high value of you, you can pick a value for the sub-sub-sub-wig types Oh, today I share several girls hair pictures 2016, fashion makes you exceptionally beautiful.



Very suitable for a small face girls in a long shawl wig types, brown hair color, with oblique Liu under the white face, natural repair fashion Fan.



This is a very fashionable range of wig types in the buckle hair, natural pisan down, brown hair color, with a rosy face, repair Yan by age is more white.


More feminine face of girls, how should take care of wig types? This dark brown line of large wave hair perm hair, natural Pisan down, with Qi Liu under the white little face, fresh and more stylish temperament.


New era of girls wig types, are the pursuit of personalized fashion, then you dare to challenge this red and brown under the Department of long hair shawl curls it? Color of the dyed shape, personalized fashion super-suction eyes.


Dark brown line in a long wig types type, playing oblique bangs in the buckle hot hair, fashion repair Yan better.


Quite temperament wig types, with the bangs on the design, outline the delicate face, showing a full feminine, brown hair also appears to be very fashionable.


Fat round face girl is very suitable for a long shawl wig types, hot into the 37 points perm shape, scattered down the hair, natural repair more fashionable Yan.


Both to highlight the sense of fashion, and good care of a shawl in the long wig types withholding hair, gentle flat Liu hair, Yan Yan by age to put it fresh.

What is the best for wigs for black women?

Androgenic alopecia (male pattern hair loss) is a genetic type of wigs for black women. It involves a testosterone-mediated miniaturization of the hair follicle that eventually leads to scarring of the hair follicle and permanent hair loss. Interestingly, in males, testosterone receptors are clustered in the frontal and crown scalp, and less so at the back of the scalp. This is why hair follicles are transplanted from the back of the scalp to the front/crown scalp and why those hairs are unlikely to fall back out. There are various management options that can help slow down and prevent further hair loss, temporarily improve the appearance of the thinning, and transplant hair from the back of the scalp to the front. Hair transplant is generally the last treatment option. However, DON’T wait until you are bald, or you will not have any hairs to transplant! See your dermatologist for evaluation of hair loss and the best management options.

There are no guarantees that you can prevent wigs for black women that is genetically programmed or hair loss caused by factors not within your control. However, you can do the best by your hair at all stages to give it the greatest chance of staying in top condition and not leaving your head sooner than it needs to. There are a number of things you can do to take good care of your hair:

Don’t subject your hair to frequent, constant heating and drying procedures. Heat weakens wigs for black women, no matter the gimmicks promising softness and shine, and constant heating and drying can lead to brittleness and fragility that causes hair loss that would not have occurred otherwise.[3] Minimize the usage of hair dryers, hot curlers, hot brushes, hair straighteners, hair fasteners, and chemical treatments and your hair will last longer. And watch where you put those heated tools; burned scalps can permanently damage hair follicles! Ultimately, natural drying is best for you hair, so aim to dry it naturally more often than drying it with heat.

Slow down on the dyeing. Never color wigs for black women more often than 6 to 8 weeks and try for semi-coverage rather than full dyeing. When it comes to going gray, it’s a lot kinder to your hair to let it turn gray than to dye it. While there are a lot of well-meaning comments about not needing to look older than you are, this ageist “beauty before health” slant overlooks the value of having your hair at all!